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Eric’s transformations in ShinBang


From 600 Million Dollar Man 

to a clown  with a lot of make up

to a Desert Fox/Ballerino/Stivie Wonder


to a Gentleman with a toy horse & balloons  


to a  Chicken Hunter & A good Chef


to a Amazing, but silent victor in a Billiards 


to Jang Hee Bin E


to ChunHyang/Forest ghost/Jesus


to a Thief/Hamster


to a King on a toy horse in China


and finally to a Belly Dancer in India…


Yeah, Eric can do anything!!!!!  

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KYAAA~ minbong yg kyute miut^^ the pic that make my day so worthful

Minsyung looks so happy :)

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members expressed their gratitude for Leeteuk

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nadoo 나도~~

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aigoo.. RicSung <3

HyeSung’s response to Eric’s puppy face haha

So cute that you want to hit both.

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OMG, so touching Minbong^^.. my OTP of Shinhwa

“When juniors ask us ‘how can we become a long-running group like you’, we tell them that the members shouldn’t close their hearts to one another, to share their thoughts and solve problems with one another. For us, Eric’s role as our team leader has been instrumental in us being able to reach this point today. Even for the comeback this time, Eric has put in the most effort. I think the team leader’s role is the most important. We’ll leave next year’s comeback in your good hands, Eric ah.” — Lee MinWoo

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Andy: “One day Eric fell asleep in Hye Sung’s room and of all days, that day Hye Sung had drunk and came home. Curious as to what would happen, all of us watched. For 1 hour, Hye Sung in his drunken state, emptied out his innermost feelings to the sleeping Eric. He confessed things like “Eric-ah, I don’t hate you,” etc. I remember at that time we had to keep ourselves from laughing.

In particular, usually if one of the members is sleeping, the other members do not put the covers over him. But on this day, Hye Sung tucked in the sleeping Eric in his (Hye Sung’s) bed and he (Hye Sung) slept on the floor.

As it turned out, Eric wasn’t asleep and had heard all of Hye Sung’s words.
The next day, Hye Sung thickly stated “Don’t sleep in other people’s room.”
Eric coyly confessed “Hye Sung-ah, I also like you””

awww~~ i really love RicSung relationship~
i like the fact that although they don’t really talk much to each other, but we know they have the love for each other~ (click here to view the video!!!) 3.20mins

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I simply can re-blog this many many times w/o feeling bored… ^^

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